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Data Science requires specialized skills and experience to develop, validate and deploy successful sensor data analytics solutions. Elder Research helps organizations augment existing analytics capabilities, start building a sensor data analytics team, or solve specific business challenges. We can help design a analytics strategy to maximize the value of your sensor data, assess team capabilities, successfully apply the best analytic techniques, and build an analytics culture within your organization.

We recognize that each business is different, with unique challenges that often require customized solutions to achieve the best results.

At Elder Research, we have helped clients in the following areas to unlock value from their sensor and IoT data:

  • Healthcare & Medical Devices
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Automation
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense and Intelligence

Contact us for more information on how Elder Research can help build an effective analytics program using your sensor data to transform your business with data-driven insight.