The increasing popularity of the term Big Data within leading business publications and headlines leads many business and government leaders to assume that there’s a simple solution for deriving value from analytics.

However, analytics is not a one-time solution to a business problem; rather, it is an ongoing process of using data to answer challenging questions, and using those answers to deliver a targeted solution to a business problem.

Data Science requires specialized skills and experience to develop, validate and deploy successful analytics solutions. Elder Research helps organizations augment existing analytics capabilities, start building an analytics team, or solve specific business challenges. We can help design an analytics strategy, assess capabilities, successfully apply the best analytic techniques, and build an analytics culture within your organization.

At Elder Research, we have decades of cross-industry experience using data science and predictive analytics to extract sustainable value from data and drive intelligent business decisions. We help our clients understand their current capabilities, identify new opportunities for growth or insight, and chart a path to achieving their goals.

For clients seeking powerful data-driven solutions to challenging business problems, Elder Research has the broad industry experience, powerful software tools, and analytics expertise to build customized solutions that maximize return on investment.

Example Analytics Solutions

Fraud and Compliance
Build and implement fraud detection and compliance monitoring solutions unique to your environment.

Topic Discovery
Reveal unique ideas and opportunities from previously undiscovered but relevant relationships and patterns with text mining.

Analyze and optimize operational data to help oversight agencies improve overall performance and reduce waste.

Threat Detection
Automate your detection capabilities to identify and address new and existing threats with predictive modeling.

Healthcare Insurance Analytics
Make analytic insights accessible to subscribers, providers, and insurer in a timely fashion and manage the institutional challenges of integrating analytics into healthcare systems and processes. 

Investment Modeling
Optimize and verify original and third party strategies for enhanced investment trading and risk reduction.

Marketing Analytics
Discover new ways to attract and retain customers with an insightful approach to marketing analytics.

Product Usage and Log Analytics
Evaluate performance, resolve bugs, and track basic product usage with log analytics.

Retail Banking and Financial Analytics
Improve regulatory compliance, automate business processes, and enhance customer experience with innovative analytic solutions.

Energy Analytics
Leverage large volumes and variety of historical data to find critical patterns to improve performance, reduce losses, and enable operators to be more proactive in field operations.