Government agencies face complex missions in difficult operating environments. Elder Research has decades of experience helping agencies tackle their most difficult analytics and data science challenges.

Our teams enable government agencies to introduce innovative data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions to tackle mission-critical tasks in national security, government programs, regulation, and research and development.

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Examples of our core capabilities in the government space include:

Data and AI Strategy

The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking, the Federal Data Strategy, and the Executive Order for AI Leadership have set the legislative groundwork to advance data and AI innovation in government agencies. We partner with agency leaders as trusted advisors to develop practical data and AI roadmaps that meaningfully impact programs and policy to ensure sustained analytics growth and maturity.

Program Efficiency and Innovation

Many government programs aid our country’s most vulnerable people. Data science is truly a transformational tool for these government programs, but it requires technical and change management expertise. Our teams introduce and integrate innovative data science and machine learning solutions that improve the effectiveness and oversight of programs and minimize wasteful spending.

Case Study: Improving Claims Approval Speed and Accuracy

Fraud, Risk, and Threat Mitigation

Data science, machine learning, and AI are proven technologies that help protect our country and its people. We help agencies mitigating fraud, risks, and threats to successfully apply sophisticated analytical techniques to their mission challenges — including anomaly detection, clustering, complex network analysis, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and advanced data visualization.

Case Study:  Improving Unemployment Insurance Claim Fraud Detection

Analytics for Regulators

Regulators have the difficult challenge of identifying non-compliance, systemic threats, and potential criminal activity. We work alongside regulatory agencies to build data science and machine learning capability to enable data-driven regulation of products, services, healthcare, financial markets, tax laws, and more.