Social Commitment

Elder Research was founded with three goals:


To make a difference in the world through the wise application of advanced analytics


To create a healthy and invigorating work environment


To help team members have a great life and serve others outside of work

Elder Research strives to attract individuals with excellent character and technical skills who seek to lead by serving–who put clients and colleagues ahead of themselves. Such “humility with skills” is vital to achieve effective teamwork and the honest assessment of alternative approaches in a fast-paced data science environment.

Individuals who seek to serve others tend to be very involved in outside charity and community work. By prioritizing a healthy work-life balance—with very reasonable hours, solid pay, low travel, and flexible time off—we enable and encourage our employees to serve others.

In addition to supporting local organizations that connect and assist people, we have helped with missions and mercy trips to Haiti, Iraq, Ethiopia, Turkey, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Our commitment to running a values-first business plays out every day in service to:

Our field:

advancing and widely communicating the state of the art

Our clients:

reliably delivering high return on their investment)

Our teammates:

mastering skills to serve them throughout their career

We are proud of being known for our focus on serving, and for our collaborative and trusted advice.

Greenhouse Gas Compliance Annual Report

Elder Research follows the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard guidance on GHG accounting principles, identifying GHG emission sources, and tracking emissions over time.

Select the Annual GHG Summary 2023 to view the emissions report.