From Preventative to Predictive with Industrial IoT

Protect your assets with the Aegir Predictive Maintenance Solution™

In an industry that relies on large and expensive assets, it is imperative for energy companies to keep the trust of its customers and maintain uninterrupted delivery. Standard-sized hydropower turbines generate over $50,000 of electricity per day, representing significant opportunity costs.

Elder Research has crafted a managed service solution for hydropower producers to monitor the performance of their assets and perform maintenance actions before anticipated failures. See how this framework integrates different systems to monitor and protect hydropower assets.


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In this guide you will learn...

1. How you can incorporate different data sources into a predictive approach.

2. How to conceptualize risk of individual components and tie it to the entire system.

3. How Elder Research implemented the system into production for a European hydropower operator, quickly driving 45% ROI in the first year alone.

4. About Elder Research’s proprietary finite state machine tool (CEPtor) and visualization tool (RADR).

Download the guide today to learn how to get the most out of your hydropower assets.