Our Team

We are constantly learning, and it is the quality of our people as much as the power of our analytics solutions that delivers value for our clients.

Employee Spotlight

  • "Elder Research is a firm that values collaboration, humility, and their people. Our passion for data and problem solving creates unique client solutions."
    Employee Spotlight

    Christina Wong

    Analytics Engagement Manager Joined in 2018
  • "Imagine a collegial workplace where no one is competing and you are rewarded for doing what you love and do best. That's my Elder Research experience."
    Employee Spotlight

    Mike Thurber

    Principal Scientist Joined in 2011
  • "I get to work with true leaders in a collegial and intellectually fulfilling environment where everyone is exceptionally talented and humble."
    Employee Spotlight

    Vivek Kumar

    Analytics Engagement Manager Joined in 2019
  • "I love working with this talented, innovative and humble team, the collaborative spirit, and amazing opportunities for professional development."
    Employee Spotlight

    Kremena Darmenova

    Lead Data Scientist Joined in 2019
  • "Whether solving data-based problems, applying our products or training others, our experts keep people and their needs at the center of all we do."
    Employee Spotlight

    Lisa Targonski

    Analytics Engagement Manager Joined in 2019
  • "This team remains a place where I'm learning and creating space for others to do the same. We offer more for our clients as our skills grow."
    Employee Spotlight

    William Proffitt

    Software Engineer Joined in 2011
  • "ERI has forward-thinking leaders who promote interdisciplinary collaboration and opportunities for professional growth."
    Employee Spotlight

    Brittany Pugh

    Analytics Engagement Manager & Senior Data Scientist Joined in 2013
  • "I get to work with a team of insightful, down-to-earth people learning, experimenting, and working together to solve interesting problems."
    Employee Spotlight

    Tom Shafer

    Lead Data Scientist Joined in 2016
  • "Our diverse backgrounds, along with the respect and trust we have for each other, allow us to be creative in solving fun, challenging problems."
    Employee Spotlight

    Joy McKinney

    Director, Maryland Office Joined in 2015
  • "I enjoy the commitment to continued learning and working with creative people who don’t mind debating why the tidyverse is preferable to data.table."
    Employee Spotlight

    Carlos Blancarte

    Senior Data Scientist Joined in 2016

Get To Know Us

As a community of data and analytics nerds, we’re excited to showcase an interesting analytical way to learn about our team members. This network graph simultaneously captures the traits that make us a diverse collection of individuals and some of the ways we connect and find commonality. We hope you enjoy exploring and learning about our team!

Our Senior Leadership Team

Peter Bruce

Chief Learning Officer & Founder, Statistics.com

Jeff Deal

Chief Operating Officer

Victor Diloreto

Chief Technology Officer & BLACKMARKER CEO

John F. Elder IV, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board

Will Goodrum, Ph.D.

Director, Research and Development

Robert Han

Vice President of Strategic Consulting

J. Dustin Hux

Vice President and Senior Scientist

Stein Kretsinger

Managing Director, International

Gerhard Pilcher

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Schaff, Ph.D.

Managing Director

Shree Taylor, Ph.D.

Vice President of Government Analytics & Innovation

Saul Yeaton

Managing Director, Training Services