Data Science solutions take specialized skills and experience to develop, validate, and deploy successfully. We have decades of cross-industry experience delivering powerful data-driven solutions to challenging business problems. Our broad analytics expertise arms us to create customized solutions which maximize your return on investment. Examples include:

Customer & Marketing Analytics

We combine sound marketing principles with marketing analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) processes to give you a competitive advantage with solutions in customer lifetime value, segmentation, acquisition and retention, cross/up-selling, campaign optimization, and more.

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IoT & Sensor Data Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) and associated sensor networks are continuously monitoring and reporting vast amounts of useful information. We help you take advantage of this wealth of data to enhance product usage, reduce maintenance costs, avoid equipment failures, and improve your business operations.

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Fraud & Risk Analytics

We build and implement fraud detection and compliance monitoring solutions unique to your environment to help you stay ahead of ever-evolving fraud risks and proactively defend against active threats.

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Threat Detection

We use/prototype/create, integrate, and operationalize innovative data and text mining technologies to automate your detection capabilities to identify and address new and existing threats.

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Investment Modeling

We evaluate, optimize, and create quantitative investment strategies that provide a measurable edge over the market, resulting in higher return and lower risk than their benchmarks.

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Research & Development

Our Research & Development discovers, incubates, and accelerates innovative and validated research into viable technology to solve challenging data problems and address real needs.

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