With over 25 years of analytics experience, Elder Research has developed a suite of proven, point solutions to address complex business analytics problems. Developed and continuously improved using agile processes, we have successfully deployed our solutions in both cloud and premise-based environments.


Data Visualization

RADR is a powerful server-based risk analytics platform used to enhance productivity in the investigation of fraud, waste and abuse. RADR enables proactive identification of risk and simplifies the investigative efforts.

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Predictive Maintenance

Aegir is a managed service solution for hydropower producers to monitor the performance of their assets and perform maintenance actions before anticipated failures. This solution integrates different systems to monitor and protect hydropower assets.

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Event Processing

CEPtor is a high-performance event management software system that efficiently processes disparate actor-based data streams, triggering on temporal sequences and statistical anomalies of interest.

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Text Extraction

Glyphic is a state-of-the-art engine for accurately and efficiently identifying and extracting key targets within PDF documents. The name originates from the word “glyph”, a typographer’s pictorial representation of a symbol.

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Text Redaction

Blackmarker automatically redacts personally identifiable information (PII) from your lending documents up to 100 times faster than a paralegal with standard point-and-click software. Blackmarker employs machine learning to unlock vast labor savings for your firm.

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Material Analysis

DARWIN is a tool for performing non-destructive analyses of crack formation and growth within turbine rotor disks (usually within aircraft turbines). Sponsored by the FAA and developed with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in collaboration with four major gas turbine engine manufacturers.

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