Elder Research Invests in Smarter Contracts

Elder Research signed a strategic partnership with Smarter Contracts, a UK based FinTech company focused on data privacy. The two businesses are preparing to launch the first of its kind data privacy platform, Pulse.

Pulse is the patent pending data privacy platform built by Smarter Contracts that provides individuals and businesses with greater security, trust, transparency and control over how and where their personal data is being used. Powered by their proprietary blockchain, Pulse is one of a number of privacy-by-design products that have been built to work in harmony with one another, providing a complete and unique set of digitally transformative experiences.

As part of the agreement, Elder Research made an investment in building the AI and machine learning engine that will power aspects of the Pulse platform and deepen its existing functionality.

Ramon Perez, Managing Director of Elder Research UK comments, “In my opinion, what Smarter Contracts is building is as important for our private data as what iTunes did for music when Apple introduced digital rights management. I think of Pulse as a data rights management platform, and we are excited to help take it forward, because the value to the end user and the market opportunities are enormous.”

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