Elder Research Is A Founding Partner Of SearchPPE.Com

Elder Research is proud to be one of the founding partners of SearchPPE.com, a new cloud-based portal to provide a state-focused, direct order fulfillment process between small buyers and manufacturers to expedite the delivery of PPE. The SearchPPE.com website provides access to the small business supply chain that retooled to provide PPE during the national COVID emergency, but often remains unseen by buyers within their own city or state. This service is an important step to enable the nation to reopen and employees to return to work.

“Elder Research has actively contributed to the analysis of this pandemic in an effort to learn more about it and share our findings with others via our blog and a course offering on Statistics.com, but when we were approached to apply our data analytics and engineering expertise to assist with PPE logistics, we jumped at the chance to make an even larger impact in these challenging times.” stated Elder Research CTO Vic Diloreto.

We invite you to register your company as either a Buyer or Manufacturer. There is no fee to register on the site.

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