Elder Research Team Wins Data Story Telling Component Of Charlottesville Open Data Challenge

Anna Godwin, Halee Mason, Cory Everington, Danny Brady, and Kazlin Mason, aka Team HACK’D, won the Data Story Telling component of the Charlottesville Open Data Challenge. The team presented at the Tom Tom Founders Festival Machine Learning Conference as one of two finalist. Using open data, the goal of the Challenge was  to engage the growing data science community within Charlottesville and the surrounding areas to help the City better understand pedestrian use of the Downtown Mall. For the data storytelling portion, each team was asked to use the data to craft a narrative and visualizations that explain what is happening in the data (trends, anomalies, outliers, etc.). The goal of data storytelling is to enlighten members of the target audience to insights that would not be clear without charts or graphs. The team also finished in fourth place for the Best Predictive Model component of the challenge. View the winning story here.