With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), industries are awash in petabytes of Big Data from an increasing array of wired and wireless sensors. Gartner estimates that 20.8 billion connected things will be in use worldwide by 2020. These sensor networks are continuously monitoring and reporting on everything from heart rates, to production flow, to turbine wear, creating opportunities for industries poised to take advantage of this wealth of data to reduce maintenance costs, predict equipment failures, and drive transformation in their business operations.

Sensor Data Analytics predicts the behavior of devices in service allowing manufacturers to track the usage and performance of their products in nearly real time. As IoT-enabled products infiltrate the market, embedded software and device interconnectivity are blurring lines between the physical and the digital in terms of monitoring device health, capability, and serviceability. 

At Elder Research, we have helped clients in the following areas to unlock value from their sensor and IoT data:

  • Healthcare & Medical Devices
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Automation
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense and Intelligence

IoT & Sensor Data Analytics Applications

Elder Research has extensive experience helping our clients use predictive analytics to filter through the noise of high volume, fast moving big data from sensor networks to reveal actionable business insight. Examples of our Sensor Analytics applications include:


Equipment downtime can be costly, last minute repairs are often difficult to schedule, and replacement parts may be difficult to find. Elder Research Sensor Data Analytics can predict when your equipment is likely to need maintenance before it may be evident to operators, allowing you to proactively schedule preventative maintenance and repairs before a failure occurs to prevent costly equipment downtime and improve operational efficiency and productivity.


Sensors data analytics can be the first line of defense in detecting anomalous behavior or readings before a fault degrades user experience or leads to costly device failures. Sensor readings unusual for normal operating conditions can trigger alerts and enable intervention by experienced technicians.


Sensor data is a rich information source that can be used to understand user behavior, segment populations for targeted marketing, personalize customer interactions, and track product usage through log data. Elder Research has experience providing value for our clients by creating predictive models, helping visualize usage trends, and improving user experience. Elder Research sensor analytics solutions can enhance customer experience, reduce churn, and increase customer lifetime value.


While the potential value derived from sensor data analytics appears limitless, the process for unlocking this value can be challenging. All predictive analytics efforts involve some data cleaning, however, the volume and variety of data involved with sensor analytics place an even greater burden on data storage, preparation, and infrastructure design.

We have experience with all phases the process—from raw sensor data to actionable predictive results. Whether your data and analysis takes place remotely in the cloud, in a centralized analytics service, or at the site of the device, Elder Research can work with you to find solutions.

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IoT & Sensor Data Analytics CASE Studies

With the ubiquity of sensor data from connected devices, software usage logs, and equipment monitors, there are ample opportunities to deliver value from these vast data sets using advanced sensor analytics. Whether you are new to sensor analytics or looking to augment existing capabilities, Elder Research can provide support where you need it most. Examples of our sensor analytics solutions include:

Disease Event Detection Using Medical Sensor Data


A medical device manufacturer designed a sensor that is implanted within a major organ to detect disease events. The sensor is being tested on animal subjects with the Intent to move to human trials and secure FDA approval for monitoring patients with previous cases of the disease. Elder Research was engaged to provide machine learning models using the sensor data to identify abnormal activity that are predictive of the disease. The goal was to classify sensor traces as either normal or high risk.

Results: The final Ensemble model delivered a very high mean holdout sample accuracy of 96.93%, mean sensitivity of 93.84%, mean specificity of 98.94%, and specific animal accuracy between 93.9% and 99.4%. Read the Case Study

Using Sensor Analytics to Predict Natural Gas Well Freezing


Elder Research harnessed 20 years of detailed sensor readings from hundreds of wells to characterize transient well states. The goal was to predict gas well shut-ins (blockages preventing production) due to hydrate formations four to six months in advance in a North American field, where winter months allowed only very limited access.

Results: Our model was far more accurate than the existing heuristic models and it allowed operations personnel to know which clusters of well pads should be prioritized for treatment. A second model was created which clearly showed when in the new well life cycle a plunger pump system should be installed. The estimated return on investment for each model was less than one year. Read the Case Study

Product Usage Analytics Improves Software User Experience


Elder Research successfully used over 1TB of log data to build a user segmentation model for a major software client. We also created a custom visualization tool allowing the client to visualize their log data in a way that was previously impossible.

Results: User segments defining unique software user personas were reproducible with 92% accuracy and have proven extremely valuable in helping SolidWorks understand user needs and behavior. Product Usage Analytics enabled SolidWorks to better understand, communicate with, and serve their users, facilitating more effective customer engagement and outreach.

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