Government Agencies struggle with the challenges of how to extract nontrivial, actionable information from massive and exponentially expanding data sets. The many different formats of this Big Data further compounds the challenge of producing operationally relevant analysis for policymakers, analysts, and armed forces.

Data Science and natural language processing can dramatically increase analysts' efficiency at discovering previously unknown topics, connections, interesting documents or insight by automating the analysis of large volumes and variety of data.

Elder Research has applied and integrated many cutting edge data and text mining technologies that support the mission of identifying various threats to national security, including the specific challenge of protecting Department of Defense operations, personnel, and facilities from Counter Intelligence (CI) and Counter Terrorism (CT) threats.

Our experience includes the following examples:

  • Sifting through high-volume, -velocity, and –variety data to identify and present domain experts with previously undiscovered but relevant relationships and patterns
  • Organizing, prioritizing, searching, and visualizing this information
  • Building statistically derived ontologies, prioritization scoring, and providing feedback to the systems
  • Providing triaged alerts of high potential information to analysts

Topic Discovery Case Studies

Our clients find that we help them understand their data, strengthen their teams’ abilities, and bring to the forefront basic and advanced levels of insights aligned to their needs. Examples of our topic discovery solutions include:

Automating Textual Data Discovery and Analysis

test-cs-thumb.jpgThis project supported a federal agency tasked with coordinating interdisciplinary activities focused on protecting America's agricultural infrastructure and economy from endemic and emerging biological threats. Tracking and responding to high consequence infectious animal disease events both domestically and abroad is critical for national security and economic stability.

Results: The solution enhanced agency analyses through real-time, state-of-the-art tools that acquired, assessed, and integrated comprehensive data from the internet and commercial, government, and NGO databases.  Read the Case Study

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