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Paul Derstine

April 13, 2018


BLOG_Analytics Summit 2018Elder Research will participate in the 7th annual Analytics Summit 2018, Hosted by The University of Cincinnati Center for Business Analytics on May 14th-16th, 2018 at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This year’s event will feature three high-profile keynote speakers, four technical one or two-day training sessions, one managerial half-day forum, and five analytics tracks with three presentations each.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Craig Brabec, Director, Global Insights and Analytics at Ford Motor Company
  • Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer at the International Institute for Analytics
  • Cameron Davies, Senior Vice President Analytics and Strategy at NBC Universal

What is the Focus of the Summit?

According to Mr. Glenn Wegryn, UC Center for Business Analytics’ Executive Director, “With laser focus, our purpose at the Center, and with our Analytics Summit, is to support the growth, understanding and development of the use of analytics in business, government and non-profit organizations. We do this with a combination of world class education; hands-on and intensive events like the Summit; and networking with some of the best minds in the industry across a wide range of industries.”

The  three day Analytics Summit is broken into two training days and one conference day with five analytics tracks. Dr. John Elder will speak on "What to Optimize? The Heart of Every Analytics Problem" during the Advanced Analytics track and will teach a two-day Advanced Data Mining workshop where attendees will learn about the latest data science methods.

Training Sessions


Advanced Data Mining: Find the useful information hidden in your data! Attendees will get vital insight into the latest data science methods and tools in this two-day data mining session led by Dr. John Elder, an in-demand instructor, keynote speaker, author and analytics practitioner with deep industry and academic experience. This course surveys computer-intensive methods for inductive classification and estimation, drawn from Statistics, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Dr. Elder will describe the key inner workings of leading algorithms, compare their merits, and demonstrate their relative effectiveness on practical applications.

Classical statistical techniques, both linear and nonparametric, will be reviewed and then the ways in which these basic tools are modified and combined into powerful modern methods will be outlined. The course emphasizes practical advice and focuses on the essential techniques of Resampling, Visualization, and Ensembles. Real scientific and business examples will illustrate proven techniques employed by expert analysts. Along the way, relative strengths and distinctive properties of the leading commercial software products for Data Mining will be discussed.

This intensive short course provides a broad overview, drawing connections between major developments in the diverse fields that contribute to Predictive Analytics, including practical ways to mine text and graphical networks. Previous participants have found this "big picture" to be very useful for identifying techniques to use immediately, as well as approaches worthy of further exploration, for research or practical problem-solving. 

John is passionate about learning and teaching data science skills and addresses questions with a great depth of practical experience.  

Additional training courses include:

Machine Learning with R: Attendees will learn the latest data science and machine learning methods using R in this two-day training session.

Tableau Training: Attendees to this informative two-day training session will gain the in-demand Tableau skills that enhance data science careers and help them become better at data visualization.

Big Data with Hadoop and Spark: Making sense of the tools used to analyze big data can seem confusing and overwhelming at times. Attendees will learn how these components function and form the core of big data analytics systems. The emphasis of this course will be on understanding the fundamental principles of big data systems using Hadoop and Spark.

Analytics for Leaders: Business executives and functional leaders at the Director level and above are invited to attend this informative and non-technical half-day to help navigate how analytics can be effectively applied within an organization. Participants discuss how to improve decision-making in their organizations by better leveraging data and using methods that are appropriate for the problem at hand. The session will be facilitated by Mr. Wegryn who boasts over 30 years of global experience in Analytics. He spent 28 years at Procter and Gamble, most notably as the creator and leader of P&G’s award-winning Supply Chain Analytics Group.

Analytics Tracks

analysis-shows-examining-data-detection_MJz1XXD_smallAdvanced Analytics: In this track John Elder will speak on "What to Optimize? The Heart of Every Analytics Problem". Every analytics challenge reduces, at its technical core, to optimizing a metric. Product recommendation engines push items to maximize a customer's purchases; fraud detection algorithms flag transactions to minimize losses; and so forth. As modeling and classification (optimization) algorithms improve over time, one could imagine obtaining a solution merely by defining the guiding metric. But are our tools that good? More importantly, are we aiming them in the right direction? Too often, the answer is no. Dr. Elder argues for clear thinking about what exactly it is we ask our computer assistant to do for us, and recount some illustrative war stories. (Analytic heresy guaranteed.)

Other analytics tracks include:

Data Visualization for Business Intelligence: The track chair is Blair Davis from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, while speakers include Russell Spangler from Amazon; Jeff Shaffer, Unifund Tableau Zen Master; and Geoff Marsh and Derek Sasthav from Amend Consulting.

Sports Analytics: Track chair is Chris Calo from the Cincinnati Reds. Speakers include Greg Myer from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital; and Nick Krall VP, Assistant GM for the Cincinnati Reds. 

Case Studies in Big Data/Analytics: The track chair is Charles Sox, University of Cincinnati Business Analytics Professor. Speakers will include Stuart Stockton from Macy’s; Debbi Young from Centric Consulting & Grant Rowan from WorldPay; and Cheryl Wiebe from Teradata.

Analytics Management and Leadership: Track chair is Ginny Walls from Macy’s, and speakers will include David Dittman from Procter and Gamble; Anne Robinson from Verizon; and Sandy Steiger from 84.51°.

Need a Speaker for Your Analytics Conference?

Drawing on decades of practical experience speakers from Elder Research make analytics understandable and accessible within your organization. A range of existing topics are available but the content of these talks can be modified for your audience or custom talks can be developed to meet the specific requirements for your conference or corporate event. Learn more about our Speaking Services.


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