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Paul Derstine

June 1, 2018

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The only conference of its kind, Predictive Analytics World for Government advances the deployment of analytics within federal, state and local government -- to drive smarter decisions, automate manual processes, and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse -- by extracting actionable insights from vast quantities of data. Are you interested in sharing your case studies, lessons learned, or best practices for using analytics to further your mission? 

The Focus of PAWGOV

PAWGOV is designed for government executives, program and financial managers, investigators, auditors, and analytics practitioners, and covers today’s deployment of predictive analytics and data mining across government agencies and across software vendors. The conference delivers case studies, expertise and resources, and empowers agencies to achieve these objectives:

  • Drive Smarter Decisions from Data: Government agencies overwhelmed with vast quantities of data can turn this challenge into an asset, by employing predictive analytics to discover relationships and patterns hidden to the human eye that become actionable insights driving smarter decisions.
  • Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: Recover and prevent improper payments using predictive analytics to evaluate potential payments, claims and benefits for their potential for errors, fraud, waste, or abuse.
  • Automate Manual Processes: Employ analytics on structured and unstructured data (such as text) to streamline approvals of claims and benefits, and find documents of interest (e-discovery).
  • Prioritize Resources and Maximize Productivity: Use predictive analytics to score cases where there are an overwhelming number to quickly process, search, or audit – including payments, hotline tips and complaints, applicants for benefits, cargo shipments, products pending approval or patents, and others.  Use machine learning to rank cases so that managers, investigators, and auditors are more productive and efficient, and spend their time on the most valuable cases.

The conference is practically-focused and vendor-neutral, highlighting case studies and emerging trends of how effective government agencies are using data analytics to solve real world problems. 

Present Your Case Study

Predictive Analytics World for Government provides speakers the opportunity to present analytics case studies, deployment successes and lessons learned to showcase the application of predictive analytics, machine learning, or AI to further your mission. Example application areas include:

  • How are public sector agencies using analytics & AI? Where are they headed?
  • How can we make analytics mainstream? How can we build a culture of innovation?
  • How can advanced analytics convert insights from data into successful mission strategies for the public sector?
  • How do you build cohesive data strategies that focus on mission value?
  • What are the next-generation analytics & AI technologies relevant to the public sector?
  • How do you build high-performing analytics teams? How do you attract and develop the right talent?

As a government technology event, PAWGOV emphasizes real-world case studies. Naming the organization that benefited makes sessions more effective by rendering the case study more concrete and credible.

Case study proposals with specific measurements of deployment performance, especially when measured in comparison to a control group, will be given highest consideration.

Speaker Benefits

As a speaker of the conference, you will gain valuable recognition and connections from being part of this industry-leading conference. If accepted as a speaker, you will also receive free access to the PAW Government conference program and exhibition.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the opportunity to share your unique analytics insights apply to speak here by May 31st. 


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Paul Derstine As Director of Marketing, Paul Derstine works with clients to understand their data analytics goals and how Elder Research's vast experience with data engineering, data analytics, and data visualization can deliver solutions that enable return on their analytics investment. Prior to joining Elder Research, Paul worked for 18 years for GE Intelligent Platforms in Charlottesville where he worked with a broad spectrum of global customers to understand their business needs in order to deliver solution value and optimize profit and growth objectives. Paul has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.