Predicting Customers’ Wait Time

Customer Segmentation: Unlocking Customer Insights with Segmentation Analysis

Data Science and Analytics Upskilling: Empowering Critical Business Teams

Elder Research partnered with a Fortune 50 company to provide a custom learning program to develop in-house skills. The program focused on data science and data engineering, using specific data and examples to contextualize the content.

Harmful Algal Bloom Surveillance via Sequencing of Environmental DNA

Elder Research partnered with Signature Science and JMU to develop an Environmental DNA Sequencing and Bioinformatics analysis pipeline to predict harmful algal blooms (HABs) to protect human life, the environmental, and commercial interests. This technology was designed to be a portable and affordable solution for governmental agencies and commercial co-ops to leverage.

Improving Data Workflow for Leading Life Insurance Company

Elder research provided independent overview and recommendations on data workflow and data analysis with a roadmap to improve the data pipeline for a leading life insurance company.

Developing a Strategic Roadmap and Analytics Center of Excellence

Elder Research assessed current analytics needs, developed a strategic roadmap, and built an analytics center of excellence for a leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer.

Creating A Predictive Modeling Framework

A global humanitarian organization asked Elder Research to develop a customized training and collaborative modeling framework. 

Building an Analytics Center of Excellence

Elder Research developed a self-sufficient Analytics Center of Excellence for a leading CPG firm and completed 30+ quick win projects in the first year.

Developing a Data Strategy

Elder Research developed a data strategy which identified over a dozen opportunities to use more advanced analytical techniques for the client.