Gerhard Pilcher to Teach Healthcare Analytics Course at UCI

September 1, 2020

Gerhard Pilcher, Elder Research President and CEO, will teach a course on "Data Assets and Data Strategy" at UC Irvine Division of Continuing Education starting October 5, 2020. The course is part of the Healthcare Analytics specialized studies program for professionals who want to pursue or advance their career. The course is designed to provide the tools necessary to understand an organization’s data strategy, identify gaps that may exist in the strategy, define the various roles that influence data strategy, and adapt health data strategies to evolving health care practices.

Tom Shafer Coauthor on Article Published in the Journal Social Network Analysis and Mining

August 31, 2020

Dr. Tom Shafer coauthored "A numerical evaluation of the accuracy of influence maximization algorithms" published in the journal Social Network Analysis and Mining. In the article, the authors use GPU computing and reverse influence sampling (RIS) to study how well common techniques, which offer only loose guarantees around solution quality, solve the influence maximization problem in practice.

Peter Bruce and Grant Fleming Contribute to New Book

August 25, 2020

Cover_97 Things About Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should KnowPeter Bruce and Grant Fleming contributed chapters to "97 Things About Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts", a new book by O'Reilly. In Peter's chapter Triage and Artificial Intelligence, he discusses the role of AI in scenarios where it is inappropriate for an algorithm to make final decisions, and its role is analogous to that of the triage system making rapid intermediate decisions in a medical setting. In his chapter Random Selection at Harvard, he posits random selection as a statistical solution to the problem of human bias in college selection. Grant's chapter, The Ethical Dilemma of Model Interpretability, discusses the ethical dimensions of the loss of transparency in black-box models, and how model interpretability is important.

John Elder Joined the SuperDataScience Podcast

August 17, 2020

John Elder joined the SuperDataScience podcast where he discussed a wide range of topics such as turning real-world problems into data, complex math, finding data anomalies, campfire data tales from his career, leaks from the future, how to measure complexity, Occam’s razor, and more. Watch the video or download the podcast here.

Elder Research Awarded NASA Phase I STTR Program

July 6, 2020

Elder Research, partnering with Southwest Research Institute, received a NASA Phase I STTR award to develop an extensible framework of the additive manufacturing (AM) process to provide Rapid Additive Manufacturing Build Outcomes (RAMBO) for space-flight systems. RAMBO will provide thermal histories, microstructure evolution, and material properties of an additively manufactured part built using the powder bed fusion process. Possible NASA applications for space flight systems using components built by AM processes include MOXIE, SHERLOC, ion engines, and other spacecraft structural and multi-functional applications where predictions of defect distributions are especially important for high-criticality components under fatigue loading.

Elder Research is a Founding Partner of

May 26, 2020

Elder Research is proud to be one of the founding partners of, a new cloud-based portal to provide a state-focused, direct order fulfillment process between small buyers and manufacturers to expedite the delivery of PPE. The website provides access to the small business supply chain that retooled to provide PPE during the national COVID emergency, but often remains unseen by buyers within their own city or state. This service is an important step to enable the nation to reopen and employees to return to work.

“Elder Research has actively contributed to the analysis of this pandemic in an effort to learn more about it and share our findings with others via our blog and a course offering on, but when we were approached to apply our data analytics and engineering expertise to assist with PPE logistics, we jumped at the chance to make an even larger impact in these challenging times.” stated Elder Research CTO Vic Diloreto.

We invite you to register your company as either a Buyer or Manufacturer. There is no fee to register on the site.

Read the press release

Wayne Folta Discussed Modeling COVID-19 at Publicis Sapient Event

May 1, 2020

Elder Research Lead Data Scientist Wayne Folta gave a talk on Modeling COVID-19 at the Publicis Sapient Data Science Community of Practice on May 1, 2020.

Dr. Jennifer Schaff Quoted in Healthcare AI Blog

April 28, 2020

Dr. Jennifer Schaff was quoted on the value of sensor data analytics and wearable sensors in healthcare in "How AI is Emerging on the Medical Device Landscape" at Galen Data.

Elder Research Acquires

March 3, 2020

Elder Research is excited to announce that it has acquired the Institute for Statistics Education at to provide focused data science, analytics, and statistics training for corporations and individuals. The Institute’s certificates and degrees are certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, and its courses are approved by the American Council on Education. Read the press release.

Publicis Sapient, Elder Research, Tquila Announce New Joint Venture

March 3, 2020

Elder Research is excited to announce a collaboration with Publicis Sapient and Tquila to launch Publicis Sapient AI Labs (PS AI Labs). The newly formed consulting company will offer an extensive set of data science services to enable digital transformation for large enterprises in North America and Europe. Read the press release.

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