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Gerhard Pilcher

Chief Executive Officer

Gerhard enjoys predictive analytics and data mining, especially related to the areas of Fraud Detection, Financial Risk Management, and Health Care outcomes using various analytical methods, working with people, leading change, and timely management of complex projects. His work experience spans both private and government sectors including international experience.

Gerhard teaches at Georgetown University as an adjunct faculty member in the Math and Statistics Masters degree program. He also is an instructor for the three-day SAS Business Knowledge Series course "Data Mining: Principles and Best Practices" and been invited to teach at international conferences. Gerhard currently serves on the Institute for Advanced Analytics Advisory Board and George Washington University Masters in Science in Business Analytics Advisory Board.

Gerhard has extensive industry experience in government oversight, financial, construction and telecommunication industries both as a business owner and executive. He is a recognized expert in three dimensional roadway modeling and automated machine guidance using Global Positioning Satellite systems and has presented to various agencies including the Transportation Research Board. In his role as Chief Technology Officer and VP of Engineering for Pulse Communications, Gerhard directed the design of early digital subscriber line systems (internet over the telephone line) and was a member of the international forum defining the standards for DSL implementation. Prior to Pulse Communications he was Director of Operations for Bell Northern Research leading the design and delivery of hardware and software for large scale telephony switching and fiber optic systems.

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