Our Team

Ramzi Ziade

Analytics Engagement Manager

Ramzi Ziade earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and an M.S. in Operations Research from North Carolina State University. This combination of degrees gave him the opportunity to take on an internal consulting role in the analytics group of the largest oil refiner in the U.S. During these seven years, Ramzi implemented predictive modeling, optimization and operations research techniques to help upper management with planning and decision making. An entrepreneurial urge led him, along with fellow NCSU engineering colleagues, to cofound and successfully run a computer hardware company. From these two career experiences, Ramzi brings both technical consulting and entrepreneurial skills to his role in managing client relationships and projects at Elder Research.

When not dealing with data and clients Ramzi enjoys good food, good company and “friendly” competition in sports and games. You can also find him on the soccer sidelines with his wife cheering the loudest for their two daughters.