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Robert Han

Vice President, Strategic Consulting

Robert Han is a Vice President of Strategic Consulting at Elder Research overseeing the Washington, D.C. office. Over the past six years at Elder Research, he has led innovative data science teams that have tackled some of the industry's most challenging data science and analytics problems for both federal government and private sector clients. Some examples include designing and deploying cutting edge machine learning models to identify and prioritize highly suspicious actors (financial market players, medical providers, unemployment insurance recipients, workers compensation beneficiaries) for investigators and analysts; applying various text mining techniques to deploy models (both supervised and unsupervised) and solutions that ingest large amounts of documents from unstructured text; and leveraging network analysis and graph modeling techniques to detect highly suspicious social network behaviors and potential collusion within high profile domains such as the opioid crisis and federal tax fraud.

Prior to joining Elder Research, Robert worked for a global consulting firm as a technology and management consultant, with most of his experience coming from enterprise and supply chain COTS products implementations. Robert also came from a small software start-up as a technology and professional services practitioner. He worked closely with clients across various industries (technology, software, education, finance, government, human resources) and gained experience in cloud software implementations, enterprise technology architectures, agile software development practices, business intelligence and reporting across multiple platforms, change and risk management, and product and project management.

Robert holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia.

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