Mining Your Own Business - How to Use Analytics in Your Business


If you’re preparing to lead or participate in a data analytics initiative, Mining Your Own Business is the one book you must read.

In this practical guide for organizational leaders and top-level executives, industry experts Jeff Deal and Gerhard Pilcher explain in clear, understandable English.

  • What data mining and predictive analytics are
  • Why they are such powerful management tools
  • How to establish and manage a data science service

Complete with solid advice and instructive case studies, this book demonstrates how to harness the power of data mining and predictive analytics, and avoid costly mistakes.

Use it to gain a quick overview of analytics and as a handy resource to be referred to during a project.

Download the EBook to preview Chapter 3 - Leading a Data Analytics Initiative

Receiving early, strong praise from business government leaders who are using these powerful management tools to achieve dramatic goals for projects and their organizations.

“Mining Your Own Business is unbelievably helpful in framing the challenges we face in a way that non-data people can understand” —Lauren Purnell, Director of Data Analytics, Locus Health

"Government and Industry Executives, if you have not been comfortable with buying into a program based on advanced analytics, algorithms, and data scientists, this book will be transformational for you and your program. It captures all the critical elements and decades of experiences into a few clear pages that will light the path for predictive improvements. I will be sharing it with my leadership and program managers. Great job, gentlemen, in making a complex equation simple to follow!" — Fred Walker, Technical Director Counterintelligence, National Security Agency

“Data science and big data often don’t live up to their silver bullet hype.Why? Because IT and business are so different, and so hard to harmonize. This book is an excellent remedy; Deal and Pilcher distill a decade of analytics experience into a vital guide to what works. Mining Your Own Business is a must read for anyone interested in being right—by harnessing data to drive decisions.”—Peter Aiken, PhD, Founding Director, Data Blueprint

“This book is a must primer for the business leader wanting to leverage their institutional data to empower their decision making abilities. As someone who is beginning this process for my organization the book helps me understand the various steps one must take to fully appreciate the power of data as a corporate asset and how to maximize it's potential as a strong asset. This is not a simple task, and the book does a fine job laying out the various steps that must be taken to reach the ultimate solution of being in a position to make the best decisions possible given the information that organizations already have at their disposal."—Joby Giacalone, Director of Information Systems and Strategic Technology Solutions, The University of Virginia

Authors: Jeff Deal, Gerhard Pilcher, Published September 19, 2016, Data Science Publishing