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Small analytics teams embedded within a larger organization must be successful to survive, but analytics is a disruptive technology, and many organizations fail the first time they attempt a major analytics initiative. This brochure presents an overview of our popular Analytics Assessment and Roadmap consulting service. The assessment compares an organization’s current analytic activities and processes to industry best practices, prioritizes data-centric business goals, and delivers a roadmap which identifies opportunities to employ analytics to maximize return on investment.
The Analytics Survey provides an efficient, broad, and independent overview of your organization’s analytics landscape. We help you understand a high-level view of your analytic readiness, to guide your data-driven strategies and investments that will deliver actionable insight from your data.
Elder Research has partnered with Pharmacy Investigators and Consultants, experts in pharmacy fraud detection, to build the COPS pharmacy fraud analytics tool. COPS is a comprehensive pharmacy fraud solution that uses scientific methods to uncover fraud or assess security vulnerabilities in health care settings. COPS proprietary methodology involves proven criminological theory and machine learning to detect fraudulent behavior more accurately and effectively. Combining multiple data sources, predictive analytics and intuitive visualization, COPS enables your health plan to quickly analyze high volumes of claims data to uncover patients, prescribers, and pharmacists working together to commit fraud.
Achieving success on Defense and Intelligence projects in data science requires broad experience, critical thinking skills, and the proven ability to solve complex problems and effectively communicate results. This brochure details our award-winning threat detection capabilities in counterintelligence, counterterrorism, biometrics, CBRNE-WMD, and emerging threat detection. Our solutions strengthen the client’s team by focusing resources more effectively and helping to establish them as a recognized center of excellence.
This brochure outlines the “Tools for Discovering Patterns in Data” training course. This intensive short course provides a broad overview, drawing connections between major developments in the diverse fields that contribute to Predictive Analytics, including cutting-edge ways to mine text and graphical networks. The course surveys computer- intensive methods for inductive classification and estimation, drawn from Statistics, Machine Learning, and Data Mining.
Elder Research is the recognized industry leader in the science, practice, and technology of advanced analytics with vast experience in data transformation and model construction. This brochure outlines our experience with diverse projects and algorithms, advanced validation techniques, and innovative model combination methods that enables Elder Research to maximize project success for a continued return on investment.
This brochure describes our analytics support for insurance and reinsurance providers. Whether in long-term disability, term life, health insurance, or property and casualty insurance, we have worked across business lines to improve claims handling, approval speed, and accuracy, forecast claims volume, and identify fraud, waste, and abuse. Elder Research identifies areas for growth, provides training and support, and delivers actionable insights through predictive modeling.
Our Model Validation service is an end-to-end assessment of the process of building a predictive model. Elder Research works as a trusted third-party advisor to validate the quality and robustness of a client’s existing model and provide expert judgment on whether the model meets the necessary regulatory and compliance standards.
Usage logs are a source of incredibly rich information about how customers interact with a software product. Analyzing log data provides powerful insight to user experience, software development, and customer success teams. Product Usage Analytics is a comprehensive analytics platform to collect, store, transform, analyze, model, and visualize software log data in order to understand user behavior, evaluate software performance, and improve user experience.