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Best Practices for Deploying a Fraud Analytics Solution

On Demand

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Topic: Fraud & Risk Analytics

Intended Audience: C-level Executives, Directors, Analytics Managers

Length: 1 Hour

This webinar will share best practices and lessons learned for developing and deploying effective fraud detection solutions based on extensive experience in both the commercial and federal government sectors. 

Is your organization in the midst of developing and deploying a fraud analytics solution?

There are various dimensions to consider:

  • Data acquisition and ingestion
  • Analytics technology stacks and tools
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Exploratory analysis and data understanding
  • Designing robust machine learning and predictive models
  • Application development and model deployment
  • Data visualization, and most importantly...
  • Who is your customer and what pain points are they facing?

Robert-Han.jpgMiriam-Friedel.jpgWebinar hosts Robert Han (Director and Program Manager, Washington DC) and Dr. Miriam Friedel (Director of Commercial Analytics, Charlottesville VA) have collectively worked on numerous fraud analytics projects across the federal government and private industry. 

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