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Applications of Reliability Assessment
Are Orange Cars Really not Lemons
Be a Data Detective
Charlie Batch and the Cost of Obfuscation
Connecting the Experts With the Data Scientists
Defensive Data Science: What We Can Learn From Software Engineers
Evaluate the Validity of Your Discovery with Target Shuffling
Extracting Value From Unstructured Text
From Code to Reports with knitr & Markdown
Gaussian Process Response Surface Modeling and Global Sensitivity Analysis Using Nessus
Good Predictions != Good Decisions
Haystacks and Needles Anomaly Detection
Human Behavior Analytics with Proxy Interrogatories
It is a Mistake to Accept Leaks from the Future
It is a Mistake to Answer Every Inquiry
It is a Mistake to Ask the Wrong Questions
It is a Mistake to Discount Pesky Cases
It Is a Mistake to Extrapolate
It is a Mistake to Focus on Training Results
It is a Mistake to Lack Relevant Data
It is a Mistake to Listen Only to the Data
It is a Mistake to Rely on One Technique
Microstructure-Based Crack Growth
Mid-Life Journey to Data Science
Mitigating Time-Dependent Crack Growth In Ni-Base Superalloy Components
Netflix, Dark Knowledge, and Why Simpler Can Be Better
Operationalizing Analytics Solutions and Methods
Probabilistic Treatment of Expert Knowledge and Epistemic Uncertainty in NESSUS
Text Mining vs Text Analytics
The Quest for Unicorns
The Ten Most Common Data Mining Business Mistakes
The Three-Legged Stool of an Analytics Project
Understanding Coastal Carbon Cycling

Uplift Modeling: Making Predictive Models Actionable

Visualizations Get Some Snap from R Shiny
Women in Data Science