Client Testimonials


"Elder Research provided our data science team with stellar customized R training and it was obvious they were well prepared with our data. The trainers were engaged, technically knowledgeable, and incredible communicators, which we thought would be a hard combination to find. We could sense their goal truly was to empower their clients and be unbiased data science partners, instead of trying to sell us a product."

Data scientist
World Vision U.S.

"You did in three weeks what we couldn't manage in three months."

Project Manager
Top 3 Global Logistics Company

"These guys have set the gold standard for outside vendors."

Manager of Advanced Analytics
Top 3 Global Logistics Company

"I highly recommend Elder Research. Very few quant people possess the total package:  excellent credentials, strong statistical and data mining skills, the initiative to anticipate client needs, compelling and concise communications, strong client management skills, and a results-driven mindset. They've led numerous projects that have helped our company maximize marketing efforts and understand our customers better. In all, the quality has been superior and their client-service attitudes are tremendous.“

Charles Thomas, PhD
Advanced Analytics & Research

“I would like to express our appreciation for the exceptional work that Elder Research provided on the IRS Fraud Detection proof of concept task. The objective of the Fraud Detection proof of concept task was to demonstrate to the Criminal Investigation (CI) Division of IRS that data mining technology could be used to identify individual fraudulent tax returns automatically. The final data mining model increased the IRS hit rate by 18% and decreased the false positives by 43%, resulting in 50% decrease in workload.”

Nha Le
Task Order Manager
SRA International

“After more than 18 months of working closely with Elder Research on a government funded research project, I continue to be impressed with the depth of expertise and innovation they bring to the project.  Elder Research was originally brought in to provide a particular capability, but due to their excellent performance (under budget) and in-depth expertise, their role constantly increased as the project matured. Elder Research  has proven to be an exceptional technology partner for this complex project and possess state-of the-art capabilities that can and will contribute to the strengthening our nation’s security. (Project Manager for the Kansas State University project)”

Henry "Bud" St. Germain
RDI Associates, Inc.

“The Elder Research team consists of knowledgeable and insightful professionals who are responsive, flexible, and dedicated to our mutual successes. I look forward to working with Elder Research in the future.”  

Raymond Wolson
Director, Quantitative Commercial Insight
Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals

"Elder Research is quality personnel, utilizing cutting edge tools and techniques to deliver data science outcomes, leading to ultimate mission success."

Federal Agency

“Elder Research has a large talented team with diverse skills and expertise in the data mining field.”

Major Software Manufacturer

“Elder Research's Data scientists are great professionals with depth of modeling experience and a high-level of awareness of supporting us and being flexible to our needs. One of the best team of consultants I have worked with.”

Lead–Data Science Team
Top Insurance Company

“Elder Research brought the expertise we lacked to solve our problem. Once they got a handle on our processes, they were able to look at some of the data differently, in ways that we had never considered. They gave us insight as to why certain populations leave us. This let us run more focused marketing campaigns with better results. In effect, they showed us a smaller pond with more fish in it.”

Frank Fenneran
Senior Research Analyst
nTelos Wireless

“Elder Research worked with us to understand our entire business process, which affected improvement across the entire company. Their models allowed us to prioritize our work with customers. We learned how to look at different combinations of characteristics and know how to act. Elder Research builds relationships to understand our business questions and puts a full range of analytics methods to work for us in a meaningful, actionable way.”

Belinda Rushing
Manager for Strategic Planning
nTelos Wireless

“Elder Research was instrumental in developing key concepts in our approach to data mining for the DecisionCenter project. Because they work as a team, they were able to identify the right person for the job. Elder Research brings a wide range of experience to the table that would be difficult to find in a single hire.”

Barbara Newton
Principal Engineer
Peregrine Systems

“Elder Research’s experience in financial and marketing analytics gave them the ability to solve our complex optimization problems from a unique perspective and helped Peregrine establish thought leadership in our market.”

Tom Tobin
VP of Product Development
Peregrine Systems

“[Using RADR], we are able to assign risk scores to whatever it is we are measuring. We are able to model every single contract or every single transaction or every single whatever it is that’s being investigated. In the past, you’d have to do a statistical sample or you may have to wait until someone calls to look for something. It puts a lot of information in front of the investigator.”

Federal Agency

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