Elder Research provides custom data visualization solutions to make the results of our analytics solutions accessible and understandable to stakeholders so they can take action and make more informed decisions.

Data Visualization Tools

We combine commercial tools with the best of open-source and custom libraries to create user-driven interactive systems and data sharing opportunities across organizations.Data visualization tools developed by Elder Research make use of both web-based and desktop visualization components. We have visualization tools that work with structured data, textual data and physics-based simulation.


The Risk Assessment Data Repository (RADR) is a powerful risk analytics platform used to enhance productivity in the investigation of fraud, waste and abuse. 

Map view of Elder research Risk Assessment Data Repository (RADR) powerful data science risk analysis tool for investigating of fraud, waste and abuse

Designed for analysts and investigators, the tool combines data from multiple sources with sophisticated predictive analytics risk modeling, and intuitive data visualization to:

  • Focus on higher ROI cases
  • Accelerate forensic analysis
  • Uncover previously unseen leads

A rich query interface is supported by multiple views of the data including traditional charts and graphs, link analysis plots, and timeline views.

RADR List ViewUnderlying models conduct community detection and network analysis to statistically predict and uncover fraud networks for further investigation and RADR Link Analysis Explorer allows rapid exploration of results.

RADR - Link Graph Explorer-1

This workload prioritization tool enables financial managers, auditors, investigators, and analysts to easily access data on high-risk transactions and focus on the cases with the highest projected return on investment.

RADR Video Demos

Case Study: Lease Renewal Risk Model for USPS Office of Inspector General