Data Mining's Elder Statsman:
Exploring Stanford Statistician Jerry Friedman
UVA Department of Statistics - Graduate Student Seminar
March 17, 2017, 1:00 pm, Clark 101
Speaker: Carl D. Hoover, Ph.D.

Nick Fisher's recent A Conversation with Jerry Friedman in Statistical Science will be the topic of this week's Graduate Student Seminar in the UVA Department of Statistics.  Carl Hoover will use this paper to facilitate a discussion about Jerome H. Friedman, Professor of Statistics at Stanford University.  Jerry is the author and innovator of numerous high-impact data mining contributions, including CART, MARS and gradient boosting.  In this interview with Fisher, Jerry discusses how his algorithms work and how they were discovered.  Perhaps most interesting, he shares his perspective on the connection between statistics and data mining.  We will discuss key points from his story with commentary on how it relates to today's world of data science and predictive analytics.


Carl Hoover leads Elder Research's Maryland office as Director and Senior Scientist where he primarily focuses on developing sophisticated, data-driven security and threat control systems for Defense and Intelligence clients.  Carl is a University of Virginia alumnus (BSME '98) and has graduate engineering degrees from Clarkson University.  He is a big fan of the Stanford Department of Statistics.  He studies their pioneering work in his spare time as his true elder research.  Elder Research, not to be confused with the study of aging folks, is a data mining firm founded in 1996 in Charlottesville by Dr. John Elder.