Achieving success on Defense and Intelligence projects requires a data science partner with broad experience, critical thinking, a proven ability to solve complex problems, and the ability to effectively communicate the results. The analyses must be conducted in a collaborative environment that brings together the expertise of decision-makers, analysts and investigators, behavioral scientists, and scientists/engineers.  We’ve trained personnel on tools, algorithms, and best practices, developed custom software when needed, and evaluated and selected analytical software and workbenches.

CRITICAL THINKING We quickly identify root problems, plan the analytics path and start progress fast to create IC/DoD solutions while communicating results early and often.

EXPERIENCE – We have over a decade of experience operationalizing data and text mining technologies to identify and triage threats in security, counterintelligence and counterterrorism.

EXPERTISE Defense and Intelligence clients come to us with a unique set of challenges.  Our clients need to:

  • Analyze data for actionable intelligence useful to operational decision makers
  • Discern which analytical tools will best support their mission
  • Improve analyst efficiency with data-driven processes
  • Integrate data science as a key part of their strategy and mission
  • Train personnel on best practices in data science

Our solutions make our clients’ team more productive and effective, and helps establish them as recognized centers of excellence.  Examples of our Defense and Intelligence solutions include:


We are a leader in Defense and Intelligence analytics with operational expertise in analytics-driven threat triage.


We develop “left-of-boom” intervention analytics that identify threats before they occur so that proactive measures can be taken to neutralize concerns.


We create high-speed real-time streaming analytics that feed actionable anomalies and alerts to stakeholders.


We detect patterns of network cyber attacks and analyze cyber audit logs to capture human behaviors, policy violations, compliance incidents and potential malicious acts to prevent security breaches.


We prototype, apply, integrate, and operationalize innovative data and text mining technologies to identify threats. Read more about our threat detection analytics.


We automate the analysis of large volumes and variety of big data to discover previously unknown topics, connections, interesting documents or insight Read more about our topic discovery  analytics.


We organize, aggregate and analyze diverse data sources to produce comprehensive and interpretable risk analytics that decision makers trust.


We engineer systems that continuously persist threat evaluation with discovery of new threats, latent reporting reconciliation and expert discrepancy analysis


We provide end-to-end solutions from standing up an analytics infrastructure, to developing intuitive exploratory analytics software, to calculating and analyzing effective rank-based triage scores.


We build behavioral analytics that provide meaningful insight into trait and personality characteristics present within groups of individuals for deployment in unremitting operational environments. These solutions leverage clinical domain expertise to build proxy interrogatories that map diagnostic instruments to existing data.

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