Government agencies have access to an ever-increasing volume and variety of big data with increasing pressure to use advanced analytics to derive actionable insight and communicate accomplishments quickly and effectively to a wide variety of stakeholders.

Despite the immense value creative analytic solutions can deliver, many government agencies struggle with how to get actionable insight from their data. From detecting fraud to improving program integrity and efficiency, predictive analytics has the power to transform big data into knowledge to drive informed decisions for government oversight. But achieving sustained return on investment requires developing a sound analytics strategy, backed by an experienced data science team. A trusted, experienced analytics consultant can help frame the business objectives that will yield value quickly while staying on top of new developments and planning for the future.

Elder Research has years of analytics consulting experience helping government agencies create custom analytics solutions to meet challenging goals and develop processes to institutionalize analytics-based decision management.

With extensive cross-industry data science experience, our government data science consulting services have consistently achieved breakthrough solutions as a prime or subcontracted contributor. We are classified as a small business, which makes it easier for our government clients to meet their contracting requirements.

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Our government clients—whether newly formed analytics teams or established pros—find that we help them understand their data, strengthen their teams’ analytics abilities, and bring to the forefront basic and advanced levels of insights aligned to their needs. Examples of our core capabilities in the government space include:


We identify risk within your network and consider the enterprise-wide effects of changes to applications and hardware.


We identify and monitor government fraud, waste, and abuse and develop in-depth oversight solutions to detect and prevent recurring fraud, waste and abuse.


We use the data you have to prioritize and manage your workflow and workload more efficiently, and identify issues and opportunities to streamline processes in existing programs.


Engage our expert data science consultants and software developers to build and deploy custom data analytics solutions for your agency. Our custom data visualization solutions provide easy-to-use, interactive access to your data with custom report generation. 

As a data analytics consulting firm, we work closely with your organization to make sure you’re getting the biggest impact for your analytics investment. We uncover new applications for your data while guiding your team to understand and transform the insights being discovered into practical and actionable decisions to drive value.

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