Delivering a Model vs. Delivering Change with Gerhard Pilcher

Episode 1 | Mining Your Own Business Podcast


In this episode, we are joined by Gerhard Pilcher, the CEO of Elder Research. He is also the author of the book titled Mining your Own Business.

In this episode, he talks about his book and the possibility of a second edition, as well as the challenges of the “new” analytics approach and how it compares to previous models. Gerhard underscores the key components needed to drive change and adoption. Evan and Gerhard also discuss the similarities and differences between successful and failed projects.

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About This Episode's Participants

Gerhard Pilcher | Guest

Gerhard enjoys predictive analytics and data mining, especially related to the areas of Fraud Detection, Financial Risk Management, and Health Care outcomes using various analytical methods, working with people, leading change, and timely management of complex projects. His work experience spans both private and government sectors including international experience.

Gerhard is coauthor of the popular book “Mining Your Own Business”. The book targets executives and senior managers who desire to evolve their organizations with better data driven decisions. The book is designed to have dual purpose as an introduction to the subject of data science and as a useful reference for specific, daily guidance.

Gerhard previously taught at Georgetown University as an adjunct faculty member in the Math and Statistics Master’s degree program. He has also been an instructor for the three-day SAS Business Knowledge Series course “Data Mining: Principles and Best Practices” and an invited speaker at domestic and international conferences.

Gerhard currently serves on the Institute for Advanced Analytics Advisory Board and George Washington University’s Advisory Board for the Business Analytics graduate program. He was named to the NC State Computer Science Department’s “Hall of Fame” in its inaugural year.

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Evan Wimpey | Host

Evan Wimpey is the Director of Analytics Strategy at Elder Research where he works with organizations to transform deficient data into tangible business value that advances their mission.

He is uniquely suited for this challenge by pairing his professional experience in management and economics at high-functioning organizations like the Marine Corps and Goldman Sachs with his technical prowess in data science. His analytics skillset was strengthened while earning his MS in Analytics from the Institute for Advanced Analytics at NC State University.

Evan almost always has a smile on his face, which is at it’s widest when he is helping organizations use data in innovative ways to solve complex problems. He is also, in a strictly technical sense, a “professional” comedian.

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Key Moments From This Episode

01:24 Gerhard’s Background

06:32 Gerhard’s Book, Mining Your Own Business

06:15 Making the 2nd edition of Book and What is the Goal of the Book

10:47 Challenges for the “New” Model of Analytics

18:02 Commonalities on Successful and Failed Projects

20:03 Topics to Expect in Future Episodes

24:51 If there was a magic “analytic success” button, where would Gerhard use it?

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