Peter Bruce

Chief Learning Officer & Founder,

Peter Bruce founded the Institute for Statistics Education at, a privately-owned online educational institution in Arlington, VA, in 2002.  The Institute, which was acquired by Elder Research, Inc. in 2019, specializes in introductory and graduate level online education in statistics, optimization, risk modeling, predictive modeling, data mining, and other subjects in quantitative analytics.

Prior to founding, in partnership with the noted economist Julian Simon, Peter continued and commercialized the development of Simon’s Resampling Stats, a tool for bootstrapping and resampling. In his work at Cytel Software Corp., he developed Box Sampler along similar lines, and helped bring XLMiner, a data mining add-in for Excel, to market. He is the author of “Introductory Statistics and Analytics: A Resampling Perspective” (Wiley, 2014), and a co-author of “Data Mining for Business Analytics” (Wiley, multiple editions 2010-2020, with Shmueli, Gedeck, Yahav and Patel), and “Practical Statistics for Data Scientists” (O’Reilly, 2020, 2nd ed, with A. Bruce and P. Gedeck).

Peter’s role at the Institute centers on course development and faculty recruitment – there are over 60 faculty members from around the world who are published experts in their fields; most teach from their own texts. He also teaches a course on resampling methods.

Peter has degrees in Russian from Princeton and Harvard, and an MBA from the University of Maryland; he is an autodidact in the area of statistics. Prior to his work in statistics, Peter worked in the US diplomatic corps as a Foreign Service Officer.