Rick Hinton

Vice President of Analytics Strategy & Transformation

Rick leads Elder Research’s Analytics Strategy and Transformation consulting services, delivering analytics strategy and change management services to forward-thinking organizations.

Previously, Rick founded Valerius Consulting, focusing on people and organizational transformation tied to adopting advanced analytics solutions. He is passionate about helping clients discover the mindsets and build the skillsets needed to thrive personally and professionally in our increasingly complex world. Rick developed the proprietary CALM change methodology, specifically designed to enable organizations to prepare for AI-powered decision-making and automation challenges.

For over two decades as a technology entrepreneur and consultant, he has worked at the intersection of advanced analytics and user adoption, helping organizations leverage technology and data strategically to move their businesses forward and prepare for change brought about by the emerging analytics age.

Rick earned an MBA from George Washington University and a BA in Government & Politics from the University of Maryland. He served as a leadership council member for the Virginia Center for Health Innovation and a board member of the Center for Civic Innovation.