Press Release: Christina Ho Joins Elder Research

Christina Ho Joins Elder Research as Vice President of Government Analytics and Innovation


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – July 6, 2020 – Elder Research is honored to welcome Christina Ho as Vice President of Government Analytics and Innovation where she will lead Elder Research’s Government business unit that delivers trusted analytics and practical solutions to enable impactful government actions and transformation.  Christina has decades of experience in serving the federal government in public finance, policy development, strategic planning, program and financial management, operations, auditing, consulting, and technology innovation.

Christina was the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Transparency at US Treasury and received the US Treasury Secretarial Meritorious Service Award in recognition of her superior achievement in leading the government-wide implementation of the DATA Act in 2017. Her efforts to transform government-wide spending information from disconnected documents into open data greatly improved transparency and accountability. She is passionate about using data and leveraging technology to solve complex problems for public good. She also brings deep experience in the financial services industry including sovereign debt management, mortgage banking, securities, capital access programs, and treasury operations.

Prior to joining Elder Research, Christina was the Controller and Interim CFO for University of Maryland College Park (UMD) — the state’s flagship university with a $2B annual budget and a diverse research portfolio of over $1B in grants and contracts.  At UMD, she made substantive progress in transforming her office from a transaction-based manual organization to a value-based innovative business partner to the campus.  She also significantly expanded the analytics capacity at UMD and led the development of high quality financial forecast models and analysis to inform crucial decisions related to COVID, ERP, and major infrastructure and economic development efforts.

“I am honored to have Christina as a colleague and look forward to learning from her as Elder Research continues to grow and serve our government clients. She enthusiastically embodies our values, and I feel fortunate that she decided to join our team.” stated Gerhard Pilcher, Elder Research CEO.

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