Press Release: Elder Research Joins Emergent Alliance

Elder Research Joins Emergent Alliance

Using Data to Inform Decision Making on Economic Challenges Post COVID-19

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – June 29, 2020 – Elder Research is proud to have joined the Emergent Alliance, a non-profit partnership established to share data and expertise to support COVID-19 research, build economic resilience and innovate for a better tomorrow. As the world emerges from the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Alliance brings together datasets from across industry that have not been accessible in the public domain. These datasets can better inform future economic decision-making by governments, businesses, and communities. ​By combining our private and public data sets, we aim to accelerate and smooth economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Current activity is focused on the following challenges:

  1. Can a broad set of economic, behavioral, and sentiment data be fused together and analyzed to uncover new insights that inform practical applications for economic recovery?
  2. Can we design models that identify lead indicators signaling economic recovery cycles to help global businesses build operating confidence in investment and activities that minimize recessionary impacts?

Gerhard Pilcher, Elder Research CEO, stated that “Elder Research is honored to be part of the alliance and offer our expertise in support of the greater good for economic recovery based on credible data understanding.”

“Our vision is to form an independent alliance and create a safe environment in which we share data, expertise and resources to work together to aid economic recovery and rebuild economies’’ stated Rachel Gawley, Alliance Program Director

The Alliance will publicize all data contributed to the project, freely share all platforms and tools among alliance members, and publish all outcomes and models developed as part of this initiative on our blog and GitHub.

You can find out more about the Alliance and follow their progress by visiting

About Elder Research:

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