Press Release: Elder Research Partners with the UVA Engineering Link Lab

Elder Research partners with the UVA Engineering Link Lab to address global challenges with cyber-physical systems.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – March 4, 2021 – Elder Research today announced a partnership with the Link Lab, the University of Virginia School of Engineering’s 17,000-square-foot cyber-physical systems research incubator. Elder Research is a global leader in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that delivers hand-crafted analytics solutions to solve complex challenges.

Through the partnership, Elder Research will have dialogues with UVA computer scientists and engineers who are leading research on new ways to use technology to solve complicated problems.

“Interdisciplinary cyber-physical systems research, aimed at solving grand global challenges, directly intersects with the work we are doing to help our clients,” said Will Goodrum, Director of Research and Development at Elder Research. “Link Lab is the place where trusted researchers are applying autonomy and machine learning to bring their fields into the 21st century. Their work will be a driver to transform current technologies into next-generation solutions.”

Elder Research is committed to serving clients with the most advanced technology, a mission reflected in the fact that over 75% of Elder Research staff hold graduate degrees in technical disciplines. In the past three years, Elder Research successfully completed over 250 diverse projects for corporations, professional associations and government agencies.

UVA launched the Link Lab in 2016 with a mission to catalyze innovation in cyber-physical system technologies that broadly benefit society. Since its founding, the Link Lab has attracted $62 million in research funding.

In the Link Lab, faculty and graduate students from the disciplines of civil engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering and systems engineering collaborate on multidisciplinary research projects to develop cyber-physical systems technologies in the areas of autonomous systems, smart and connected health, smart cities, and hardware for the Internet of Things.

UVA Engineering has a history of collaborating with industry partners to share academic research that provides valuable insights for the translation of ideas into real-world applications.

“Cross-cutting collaborations between academic researchers and industry technology leaders leverages core competencies that will help transform the IoT and autonomy industries,” said Travis Hite, program director of the Link Lab. “We are excited to partner with Elder Research to advance the mission of solving pressing societal challenges with cyber-physical systems.”

About Elder Research:

Founded in 1995 by Dr. John Elder, Elder Research is a recognized leader in data science, machine learning, and AI consulting. We have partnered with hundreds of organizations to deliver value through consulting and actionable solutions to real-world problems. Our Data Driven, People Centered approach to strategy, training, and analytic solutions enhances our client’s mission, garners trusted partnerships, and provides us with a proven track record of helping organizations extract value from their data and resources. For more information, please visit

About the UVA Engineering Link Lab:

The Link Lab is a University of Virginia School of Engineering research incubator where over 40 affiliated faculty members and over 200 graduate students work together in research and development of the cyber-physical systems that will shape society in the areas of smart cities, smart and connected health, autonomous systems and hardware for IoT. Link Lab also serves as the real-world setting in which UVA Engineering faculty deliver the most advanced, graduate-level cyber-physical systems training in the country. Learn more at

About UVA Engineering:

As part of the top-ranked, comprehensive University of Virginia, UVA Engineering is one of the nation’s oldest and most respected engineering schools. Our mission is to make the world a better place by creating and disseminating knowledge and by preparing future engineering leaders. Outstanding students and faculty from around the world choose UVA Engineering because of our growing and internationally recognized education and research programs. UVA is the No. 1 public engineering school in the country for the percentage of women graduates, among schools with at least 75 degree earners; the No. 1 public engineering school in the United States for the four-year graduation rate of undergraduate students; and the top engineering school in the country for the rate of Ph.D. enrollment growth since 2015. Learn more at