97 Things About Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts

In this in-depth book, contributors from top companies in technology, finance, and other industries share experiences and lessons learned from collecting, managing, and analyzing data ethically. Data science professionals, managers, and tech leaders will gain a better understanding of ethics through powerful, real-world best practices.

Improving Data Workflow for Leading Life Insurance Company

Elder research provided independent overview and recommendations on data workflow and data analysis with a roadmap to improve the data pipeline for a leading life insurance company.

Strategy and Application of New Technologies for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Hydro Units

Developing a Strategic Roadmap and Analytics Center of Excellence

Elder Research assessed current analytics needs, developed a strategic roadmap, and built an analytics center of excellence for a leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer.

Creating A Predictive Modeling Framework

A global humanitarian organization asked Elder Research to develop a customized training and collaborative modeling framework. 

Building an Analytics Center of Excellence

Elder Research developed a self-sufficient Analytics Center of Excellence for a leading CPG firm and completed 30+ quick win projects in the first year.

Developing a Data Strategy

Elder Research developed a data strategy which identified over a dozen opportunities to use more advanced analytical techniques for the client.

Leading a Successful Data Science Initiative

The High ROI of Machine Learning for Innovative Organizations

Best Practices for Deploying a Fraud Analytics Solution

Leading a Data Analytics Initiative eBook

This eBook covers the key challenges and considerations for business leaders employing analytics to provide data-driven insight. Written for executives, this guide covers analytics management best practices

Predict 2017: Adaptability and Intuition in Data Science

At Predict 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, Elder Research CEO Gerhard Pilcher discussed the gap between the promise of analytics to transform a company and the actual results, and how adaptability and intuition by leadership can help close that gap.

Predict 2016: Bringing Analytic Fire to the Tribal Circle

John Elder was a keynote speaker at Predict 2016 in Dublin, Ireland, October 2016. In his talk Bringing Analytic Fire to the Tribal Circle Dr. Elder pointed out that finding the answer and proving it, doesn’t mean it will be used.

The Ten Levels of Analytics eBook

Ten Levels of Analytics

The Path to Data Mining Success

The fourth and final part of Dr. Elder’s talk on the top ten data mining mistakes and how to avoid them. The Top Ten Mistakes are covered in chapter 20 of the Handbook of Statistical Analysis & Data Mining Applications.

Top 10 Data Science Mistakes

Mining Your Own Business – How to Use Analytics in Your Business

If you’re preparing to lead or participate in a data analytics initiative, Mining Your Own Business is the one book you must read.

The Three-Legged Stool of an Analytics Project

Operationalizing Analytics Solutions and Methods