Predicting Student Lifetime Value

Elder Research was contracted to create a new student model framework to provide predictions of lifetime value for incoming and existing students.

Data Engineering for Promotion Analysis

Elder research integrated multiple data sources to enable the client’s marketing team to analyze the effectiveness and ROI of historical marketing events.

Modeling Price Elasticity

Elder Research helped a leading retail company for CPG model, monitor, and optimize price elasticity for their products.

Analyzing Paid Search Ad and Keyword Effectiveness

Elder Research analyzed the effectiveness of various types of paid search ads and also determine the relative value of Google paid search keywords.

Predicting Philanthropic Propensity

Elder Research developed a predictive model that identified 20-30% more patients with a high likelihood of becoming a donor to a health foundation.

Using Marketing Analytics to Enhance Customer Loyalty

Elder Research created an automated evaluation of the impact a printer supplies loyalty program had on customer lifetime value, retention, and market share.

Understanding Customer Sentiment

Elder Research applied state-of-the-art text analytics to understand customer sentiment from insurance customer survey textual data.

Text Mining Survey Data to Improve Conference Planning

Elder Research text mined survey data and provided exploratory and predictive analysis to identify insights and trends that affected conference attendance. This helped guide the client’s conference content programming and global conference planning.

Product Usage Analytics Improves Software User Experience

Elder Research developed a user segmentation model based on SolidWorks’ product usage logs, helping to better understand and serve their users.

Improving Customer Retention and Profitability

Predicting Customer Churn

Elder Research partnered with a bank to predict account closures, prioritize marketing programs, and understand precursors to customer churn.