Analyzing Product Ratings and Reviews

The Challenge

Our client, a leader manufacturer of consumer product goods (CPG),  paid for ratings and reviews data from multiple sources. Since they had no way of easily accessing or analyzing the data they were slow to address easily fixable issues that were causing their products to accumulate user negative reviews.

The Solution

Elder Research developed data infrastructure, text topic models, and a Power BI dashboard to make the ratings and reviews data easily accessible to everyone in the company. The dashboard made summary statistics of ratings data available across all brands and products, and the topic models identified consistent and evolving themes in the reviews so analysts did not need to read through each review individually. Both were developed with active client feedback throughout the process.



The project successfully met the goal of providing more value from our client’s existing product ratings and reviews data. The dashboard provided immediate insight into the mislabeling of one product  that was causing dozens of 1-star reviews over a 2-3 month period in the online marketplace they were using. Having gone undetected prior to the project, this issue was easily detected by the models and revealed by the dashboard, giving the client confidence that future issues of this nature will be easily corrected. It is estimated that the dashboard will save up to several hundred hours in the first several months of use.