Building an Analytics Center of Excellence

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 CPG corporation had no centralized analytics capability or long-term strategy. The executive team hired Elder Research to assess its current analytics needs, develop a strategic roadmap, and build an analytics center of excellence to foster pervasive analytics. Pervasive analytics is a state where data-driven decisions and advanced analytics permeate every part of the business to provide value across business functions.

The Solution

For advanced analytics to be most effective, it demands both technical and business process change. Analytics are only successful when the appropriate data reaches end users empowered to take action. Elder Research facilitated an onsite, strategic assessment of current processes, culture, technology, and capabilities that impact analytics and data science. We also created a long-term, multiyear roadmap focused around speed of delivery and agility in the marketplace.


Our team developed a self-sufficient Analytics Center of Excellence. We completed 30+ quick wins, POCs, and projects in the first year alone, each with potential return on investment from dollars saved, additional sales captured, or time saved.