Data Engineering for Promotion Analysis

The Challenge

Our CPG client needed help integrating disparate data sources including syndicated sales, promotion, and coupon data to enable their marketing team to analyze the effectiveness and return on investment of historical marketing events.

The Solution

With over twenty years of experience in data architecture, Elder Research has developed a philosophy of building analytics and data pipelines with a focus on final deployment. We start from both ends of the pipeline (use cases and data sources) and determine the best architecture to transition raw data sources into robust structures that support understandable, usable data insights. Data should be filtered and organized into storage that supports each use case most effectively. For this project the team developed a pipeline to import relevant data sources and merge them into a single source by aligning the various event dates. This data pipeline architecture will support analytics, exploration, and other data use cases now and into the future.


We developed a methodology that ingests data from disparate sources, manipulates the data for analysis, and calculates the return on investment of historical events. This resulted in a data set with baseline and promoted sales for over 5,000 promotions and over 200 coupon events for hundreds of products over a two-year span.