Data Science and Analytics Upskilling: Empowering Critical Business Teams

The Challenge

Millions of dollars are at stake with the decisions business analysts make. At this Fortune 50 company, improving skills, refining confidence, and adding experience through a focused training program proved incredibly valuable. Hundreds of participants have leveraged a custom data science learning program, resulting in immediate value.

The Solution

To address this critical issue, Elder Research designed and implemented a custom learning program consisting of the following subjects in remote, self-paced weekly lessons: data engineering, decision trees, neural networks, time series, text mining, recommendation engines, deep learning, and graph analytics. Elder dedicated 10 weeks to these lessons per cohort, with a live instruction onsite week and another onsite week in the middle of the course.

By successfully completing the program, participants demonstrated their proficiency in leveraging data science techniques to build models, derive meaningful insights, and enhance decision-making processes within the company This initiative ultimately empowered the workforce to overcome data-related obstacles, leading to improved operational efficiency, enhanced modeling capabilities, and informed decision-making throughout the company.

The Benefit

To date, over 350 business analysts worldwide have been trained in data science and data engineering capabilities. Implementing the tailored training program on data querying and analysis offered numerous benefits for the Fortune 50 company.

The program equipped employees with newly acquired data analytics skills. Additionally, some of the projects undertaken as part of the course resulted in significant cost savings and/or producing substantial revenue.

Overall, the training program created a more skilled, productive, and collaborative workforce, while improving reporting, decision-making, and operational efficiency within the company worldwide.

The Results

This resulted in staff empowerment and improved analysis capabilities, leading to better decision-making. The program also increased operational efficiency by addressing the skill gap and enabling employees to work more efficiently.

Job performance saw a notable improvement, as participants applied their skills to job-related datasets and challenges. The program empowered the workforce, fostering confidence, motivation, and ownership of data-driven tasks.

The training program has been delivered to hundreds of business analysts globally, resulting in millions of dollars of value. Participants frequently note that by applying the learned concepts before the course ends, they are able to immediately recognize the value of the program.

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