Developing a Data Strategy

The Challenge

The Analytics Center of Excellence at a national retail chain was developing a strategic plan for sustainable and pervasive use of data across their business. However, they had concerns that their strategy was anchored too much in the current state and would not meet the future needs envisioned by their executives. Their goal was to establish a competitive advantage through using their data, while remaining true to their corporate values.

The Solution

Elder Research reviewed existing strategic planning documents from the Center of Excellence, and provided a report guiding the internal experts through several stretch areas for consideration. Specifically, we provided guidance on prioritizing data that will drive valuable analytical models, and how to value and communicate the return on investment from data assets to secure support from executive leadership.


Our data strategy, which identified over a dozen opportunities to use more advanced analytical techniques in our client’s business, was presented to their executive leadership. A half-day onsite brainstorming session secured buy-in for the strategy. The success of this session has grown into a partnership with the Center of Excellence providing ongoing project development and implementation support.