Improving Data Workflow for Leading Life Insurance Company

The Challenge

The Human Resources team for a large life insurance company asked Elder Research for guidance on transforming their work to be more data-driven. Their data was in disparate product databases, required manual downloads, and had data quality issues. Before investing significant time into adopting data-driven key metrics or developing dashboards and data pipelines, they wanted an independent view on the quality, actionability, and value of available data.

The Solution

Elder Research reviewed data sources available to the Human Resource team and the processes used to access them. We interviewed the Human Resources team to assess requirements for data understanding and analytic processes improvements. We worked with the client to demonstrate that the available data had business value and the client’s team had the skills necessary to improve decisions around key staffing metrics. We then developed a plan to improve data accessibility and quality using a data pipeline as shown in the following workflow:

Data Workflow Life Insurance Client

Along the way, Elder Research became aware of an opportunity to grow organizational buy-in to the Human Resources team’s analytics efforts. Presenting the results of our work with the Human Resources team to the Talent Acquisition team facilitated discussion around best-practices to improve data quality and how to work together in a data-driven way.


Our independent overview and recommendations on data workflow and exploratory data analysis provided the Human Resources team with a roadmap to improve their data pipeline and amplify the team’s voice and presence within the company.

“It was a pleasure working with the Elder Research team on our engagement at Pacific Life.  From our initial discussions on scope to the delivery of their summary findings and recommendations, the team was collaborative, easy to work with, and very skilled in what they do.  The Consultants  provided both business acumen and data analysis/science skills, which was key to establishing an engaging and collaborative relationship with the HR and HRIS teams.  With the success of our first project together, I look forward to partnering again with Elder!”  – Kara Moors, AVP, HR, Pacific Life