Using Marketing Analytics to Enhance Customer Loyalty

The Challenge

A major computer technology provider wanted to assess the impact a printer supplies loyalty program had on customer lifetime value, retention, and market share in order to evaluate targeted marketing campaigns.

The Solution

To create the automated evaluation framework, Elder Research:

  • Segmented customers based on factors such as the types of hardware and supplies purchased and customer sales characteristics
  • Analyzed customer attrition
  • Created customer value and loyalty metrics used by the program
  • Created operational and programmatic goal metrics

Analytics were used to design and measure targeted marketing campaigns for the client’s most important customer base, allowing client management to focus resources on campaigns that were the most effective. The scheduled and on-demand reports provided management with a broad overview and actionable details on the loyalty program.


The semi-supervised approach provided a more focused analysis of the survey comments that mattered for understanding customer sentiment and resulted in more focused action and improved customer loyalty.

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