Prioritizing Analytics Investments

A Guide for CPG Business Leaders

Prioritizing Your Analytic Investments Wisely?

In this guide we will arm organizational leaders with the steps needed to make the best decisions about where to invest their data and analytics efforts.

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) organizations are increasingly investing in analytics to solve business problems to support growth and reduce costs. As daunting as the analytics can be, an often overlooked, but critical, challenge is to properly define and prioritize the opportunities you want analytics to solve.

So, how do CPG organizations go about effectively prioritizing data and analytic efforts?

Built For CPG Business Leaders

This guide was specifically built for CPG business leaders. It provides industry-relevant questions and helpful tools to ensure the problems are being solved in the right order, thus, setting your team up for success. This transparent direction setting empowers analytic leaders to do the important work of confidently solving critical business problems.

Key Takeaways

After viewing this guide, you will be armed with:


Useful questions that CPG business leaders should be asking of their team and potential projects.


A practical framework to brainstorm business problems to solve in virtual or in-person contexts.


Evaluation criteria to asses analytic investments on the factors of data, cost, actionability, and ROI.


The ability to map analytic investments onto an evaluation scale with organizational strategy in mind.