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Detecting Fraud Rings with Graph Databases

About This Webinar

Topic: Fraud & Risk Analytics
Intended Audience: Directors, Analytics Managers, Chief Analytics Officers, Data Scientists and practitioners
Length: 1 Hour

The most destructive fraudulent activity is not perpetrated by individual bad actors working alone, but by groups orchestrating fraud together. Comprehensive efforts in fraud analytics must consider how to use data to detect fraud rings, whether they relate to kickback schemes, money laundering, identity theft, or other coordinated crime. Even with limited data, approaching analytics from this angle can yield valuable insights into potential fraud that would have gone undetected with traditional methods.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to find fraud rings with network analysis and graph database queries
  • How to think about data as a graph/network structure
  • Pros and cons of using a graph database versus other graph analytics tools

This webinar will focus on how to identify suspicious behavior using tools and technology suited for network analysis, including graph databases.

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About the Hosts

Webinar hosts Robert Han (Director and Program Manager, Washington DC) and Ryan McGibony (Senior Data Scientist) have extensive experience working on fraud analytics projects across the federal government and commercial businesses.