The High ROI of Machine Learning for Innovative Organizations

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About This Webinar

Topic: Analytics Strategy & Best Practices
Intended Audience: Executives, Directors, Analytics Managers, Chief Analytics Officers, Chief Data Officers
Length: 1 Hour

The hype around “the thinking sciences” — Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science — is enormous, so it’s tempting to be skeptical of the return on investment claimed. Still, most of the results are real. The capabilities of Data Science, where models are inductively built from real history, have been growing steadily. I will reveal examples of the gains that can be achieved using five of our most interesting fielded solutions from the last two decades, from the diverse worlds of investment timing, credit scoring, drug discovery, medical diagnosis, and gas exploration.


Attendees will learn:

  • The power of the “thinking sciences” and what make them different from traditional techniques
  • Examples of fielded solutions in several industries, and the enormous ROI that they achieved
  • Some key human factors that can make the difference between shelf-ware and full implementation

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About the Host

Webinar host Dr. John Elder (Elder Research Founder and Chairman) has more than two decades of experience using and teaching the practical application of advanced analytics techniques to solve business problems. Dr. Elder co-authored three award-winning books on analytics, was a discoverer of ensemble methods, chairs international analytics conferences, and is a highly sought after workshop and keynote speaker. His workshops on analysis techniques are noted for their clarity and effectiveness.