Cloud Analytics

The pay-per-use model for machine learning and AI projects in cloud environments allows businesses to build scalable analytics solutions without the computing infrastructure cost. In response to growing demand to develop data science solutions in public cloud environments, Elder Research maintains partner status with leading cloud providers. Our team of certified cloud developers build data engineering and machine learning solutions that scale to meet changing business requirements.

Amazon Web Services

Our certified AWS Solutions Architects and developers provide guidance and project consulting on cloud-based data engineering and data science engagements. As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, our staff is certified to guide clients with general project assessment, fit, and planning for their cloud-based analytics solutions. To receive the Select Partner designation, APN Partners must possess deep AWS experience and deliver mission-critical workloads and applications on AWS.

Elder Research can operate within a client’s AWS environment, or we can host a client instance in our own AWS environment.


Elastic Compute, Elasticsearch, Relational Database Service, Simple Queue Service, Virtual Private Cloud, Identity and Role Management, Textract, Beanstalk, S3, Sagemaker, Lambdas, CloudWatch, and X-Ray.

AWS Select Partner Profile


We know that Cloud technology is critical to your infrastructure. That is why our team members take the time to get AWS certified, providing you with the skills you need most to propel data across your organization.

Google Cloud

Elder Research maintains certified Google Cloud Professional Data Engineers for consulting on data engineering and data science projects.

Elder Research can operate within a client’s Google Cloud environment, or we can host a client instance in our own Google Cloud environment.


App Engine, Cloud SQL, Translate, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Cloud Build, Cloud Pub/Sub, Source Repository, Cloud Speech API, Cloud Bigtable, and Cloud Composer.

Case Studies

End-to-end Cloud Solution to Determine Federal Grant Recipient Risk

Elder Research partnered with Excella Consulting to build an end-to-end grant risk estimation solution in the client’s AWS cloud. It used text mining and document classification to extract CPA Findings from audit reports and assign risk scores to federal grant recipients. More than 260 auditors, investigators, evaluators, and lawyers now use the tool to support audits, evaluations, and major investigations. This project has become one of the five most important initiatives of our client.

Cloud Analytics Improves Software User Experience

SolidWorks wanted to use product usage analytics to increase organizational understanding of their 3D software users’ behavior. Elder Research developed a cloud-based user segmentation model based on SolidWorks’ software usage logs. These segments, reproducible with 92% accuracy, served as the basis for helping SolidWorks employ product log analytics to better understand, communicate with, and serve their users.

Detecting Hidden Fraud Risk from Public Data

Detecting which of the federal government’s millions of contracts most likely involve fraud used to require insider access to agencies’ IT systems. Data analytics provides greater efficacy and higher hit rate than traditional investigative methods – and now can even be performed using only public data.To help agencies detect contract fraud, Elder Research has developed a risk model and data visualization tool that scores the likelihood of fraud for every contract award—using only publicly-available data and no connection to agencies’ internal systems.