Data Visualization

Elder Research provides custom data visualization solutions as well as consulting on commercial visualization tool configuration. Data visualization makes analytics results accessible and actionable so stakeholders can make more informed decisions.

Customer Data Visualization

We combine the best of open-source and custom libraries to create user-driven interactive systems and data sharing opportunities across your organization. Our data visualization tools use web-based and desktop visualization components.

We have project experience applying the following technologies:

  • Plotly
  • Dash
  • React Redux
  • R-Shiny
  • Apache SuperSet

Commercial Solutions

When client needs are broad and must comply with the enterprise-wide expectations of a business intelligence tool, we provide expertise and support for several off-the-shelf solutions, as noted below. See especially the case studies where the technologies were used.


Our Risk Assessment Data Repository (RADR) tool is built on open-source technology. We add customizations to this platform based on an internal visualization support roadmap with a business model that is support oriented, making RADR an economical choice compared to other applications.

Case Study: Improving Workers’ Compensation Provider Fraud Protection
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Case Study: Predictive Maintenence for Hydro Power Generators
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Tableau is a widely-used analytics platform that allows users to create and share business intelligence visualizations. We have experience configuring and using Tableau to create dashboards for exploring insights about your source data along with results from our analytics solutions.

Case Study: Product Usage Analytics to Improve User Experience
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Power BI is Microsoft’s unified business analytics platform for data visualization. Our engineers help you connect Power BI to your data sources and configure compelling visuals. We also have experience with Azure, allowing you to integrate with Microsoft’s other tools.

Case Study: Optimizing Federal Workers Compensation Claims Approval
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