Data Science & AI Services

Elder Research approaches data science consulting by focusing on client business needs. We start by framing the most pressing business objectives and designing a practical approach to achieve near-term measurable results. With your goals in mind, we explore data, design and build machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models, and deploy end-to-end data and analytics solutions that integrate seamlessly into your business.

Using our Agile Data Science methodology, we develop and validate customized analytic solutions using Lean methods with regular client touch points. Making the results accessible to business decision makers is vital for adoption. This process provides sustained benefits using advanced data applications that are customized and thoroughly tested to meet your needs.

The depth of our expertise and breadth of our experience in data science consulting is always growing. Here is a brief overview of our most requested analytics consulting services:


Prototype models demonstrate whether AI/ML techniques can answer an important business question. An AI/ML prototype is an efficient way for an organization to test hypotheses, prove data value, and generate momentum.

AI/ML Solution

We combine business domain expertise with deep understanding of advanced analytics to produce best-in-class solutions. ML and AI are an uncertain practice in many fields. It is difficult to know beforehand which algorithms and variables can reveal any secrets a data set may be concealing. Our goal in every project is to deliver the analytic solution having the best performance when presented with new, unseen data in live use.

Model Validation

Model validation expertly assesses the quality and robustness of an existing model. We work as a trusted third-party advisor to validate a model’s performance (accuracy, reliability, thoroughness, speed, suitability) and determine not only if it meets the regulatory and compliance standards for your industry, but also detail any weak points or vulnerabilities, including subsets of cases it finds particularly challenging.

Practice Areas

Machine Learning

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Text Mining & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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Predictive Modeling

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Time Series Forecasting

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Graph Analytics

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Deep Learning

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Optimization & Simulation

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Computer Vision

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